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Rage Defender 1100 EP RTF Airplane Rage Defender 1100 EP RTF Airplane, A1115 IN STOCK
Retail Price $249.95
Our Price $199.99
Rage Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing Micro RTF Airplane Rage Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing Micro RTF Airplane, A1109 IN STOCK
Retail Price $159.95
SALE PRICE $129.99

Rage Spirit of St. Louis Micro RTF Airplane Rage Spirit of St. Louis Micro RTF Airplane, A1100 IN STOCK
Retail Price $139.95
Our Price $99.99

Rage Taylorcraft Golden Age Micro RTF Airplane Rage Taylorcraft Golden Age Micro RTF Airplane, A1113 IN STOCK
Retail Price $129.95
Our Price $99.99

Rage Super Cub 750 RTF Airplane Rage Super Cub 750 RTF Airplane V2 4-Ch, A1105 IN STOCK
Retail Price $149.95
Our Price $119.99
Rage Tempest 600 EP RTF Airplane Rage Tempest 600 EP RTF Airplane, A1108 OUT OF STOCK
Retail Price $129.95
Our Price $89.99
So why choose electric remote control airplanes? In the world of R/C, you essentially have two engine options - electric and fuel-based. Fuel-based engines operate on various types of gas, but most commonly nitro fuels. However, airplanes using fuel-based power still require electricity to operate their radio systems (receiver, servos, transmitter, etc.). By contrast, electric-based radio control airplanes typically utilize one battery that powers all internal workings of the airplane. Both electric and nitro are great sources of radio control aviation fun, but electric remote controlled airplanes offer some nice advantages for the experienced, and especially the novice, pilot. The two main factors to look at are the price of the plane and the skill level required to master the plane.

Price: Electric remote control airplanes can cost significantly less than their gas or nitro counterparts. Although you can purchase kits that allow you to build your plane and insert your own radio equipment, most electric planes come ready-to-run with electronics already intstalled; therefore, there is little assembly or building required. Attach the wing sets to the fuselage, install the rechargeable battery pack and you're ready to fly! In addition, the nice thing about rechargeable electric batteries is that they are very easy to use. You don't have to deal with the mess of carrying around gallons of nitro fuel, filling fuel tanks, and starting big engines. With a push of a button, the electric engine starts up. With a quick charger and some extra rechargeable batteries, you can have a long day at the flying field.
Electric Remote Control Airplanes from RC Hobby ExplosionSkill level is also a concern when deciding whether to buy electric or nitro. Some things that factor into the skill level of a plane are its speed, the number of channels used, and the construction of the plane. Most electric airplanes fly slower than nitro ones. Slower speeds give the pilot more time to react and make flight corrections should the plane do something unexpected. In addition, most electric R/C airplanes utilize fewer channels, usually 2-4, thus limiting the number choices a pilot is faced with. Finally, electric ready-to-run models are typically constructed of durable PolyNyolene™ foams, which are easy to repair and have parts that are inexpensive to replace.

By contrast, nitro planes are typically much larger, heavier, utilize advanced wood construction, and have more powerful motors. In addition, they often have additional radio channels for aileron control, retractable and/or steerable landing gear, and other specialized features. These are all wonderful features, and most pilots want to get to that level, but if you're just getting started in R/C flying, electric radio control airplanes offer an easy to fly, easy to repair, low-cost option.

If you have already earned your flying wings, don't write off electric R/C planes. Electric remote control airplanes aren't just for beginners. Today's electric planes are available in larger scale models offering motors that can sustain flight speeds over 60 mph and some are capable of handling all of the channel options normally seen on big-scale gas kit models. Although many electric radio controlled airplanes are perfect for helping a novice master the basics of aerodynamics, the new era of advanced electric design can give the best of both worlds for all of today's pilots.