Megatech Product Series Guide

Megatech Product Series Guide

 Megatech Big Fun Series

Big Fun Series

The products in this extremely affordable series are aimed directly at individuals new to radio control and are designed to make entry into this exciting hobby a fun adventure, and a totally rewarding experience. Big Fun Series products feature the ultimate in simplicity of operation and come ready-to-run, or require only the simplest final assembly procedures. Models in this series include: CC Flyer, Cosmic Flyer, FireFly, Airship1/Area51 Blimp combo, MegaChopper II, Radio Rodent, and Hopper-Fly

 Megatech HP Series

High Performance Series

This series represents the next step in sophistication and technology. Products feature such advancements as professional grade multi-channel radios, which are sometimes transferable to other models, gyroscopic flight stabilization, the latest advanced battery technology, and the highest performance electric drive systems and nitro engines possible. Products in this series include: Freedom Flyer, Megastealth II, Sky Vector, X-EC Diversion, Airstrike, Nitro Airstrike, House-Fly, Horse-Fly, Dark Thunder, After Burner

 Megatech IQ Series

IQ Series

Designed with the intent to stimulate the creative mind. These products all have specific, built-in educational benefits. For example, the Wright Flyer, while being a fantastic flying, fully-assembled, radio control model, also comes with a history booklet about Orville and Wilbur Wright containing a full account of the events and dates leading up to the historic first flights of the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Also, free-flight models in the line are designed to illustrate the basics of aeordynamics, teaching why an airplane flies, and providing experiments to perform. Finally, take a trip back in history with the Winston Classic dirigible display model kits of the famous USS Los Angeles and Hindenburg.

 Megatech Chris Chianelli Signature Series

Chris Chianelli Signature Series

Having been in the magazine business for twenty years and hosting a radio control TV show which accesses 50 million homes across America for the past four years, Chris Chianelli has chosen these products to be part of his signature series line. Chris has had personal involvement with the development of these products and has signed off on their excellent performance. Products in this series include: Nitro Capitol Flyer, Q Series Engine, Q Series Glow Plugs, Megavolt NiMh batteries

 Megatech Chris Chianelli Fun Choice Series Chris Chianelli Fun Choice Series

The CC Fun Choice Series includes extremely affordable products that Chris Chianelli feels are perfect to introduce the total newcomer to the wonderful world of radio control. These models are designed to maximize "first-time-out" beginner success by featuring such items as flight input limiting (to minimize over-controlling - a major cause of crashes) and Fail Safe Auto Pilot, a feature that returns the model to the ground in a gradual spiral turn. Products in this line include: Cosmic Flyer, A7 Tornado, CC Flyer, FireFly