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Nitro Remote Control Cars

So why choose nitro remote control cars? If you've already explored the full power of electric R/C boat racing, then you just might be ready to step it up to the next level - NITRO POWER! Nitro racing cars offer the thrill of racing with powerful fuel-based motors and large-scale bodies. In addition, the advanced construction utilized in most nitro cars and kits opens up the ability to customize your racer with specialized channels and just about anything you can imagine.

Nitro Remote Control Cars from RC Hobby ExplosionOnce you get the hang of nitro, the ability to refuel the tank rather than recharge batteries can give you more race time. In fact, depending on the nitro model, many cars can run for much longer on a tank of fuel than on a charged Ni-Cd or NiMh battery.

At RC Hobby Explosion, we recommend that you master the basics of R/C car racing before going nitro. If you are ready, then RC Hobby Explosion has all the nitro fuel & accessories to get you racing today.