R/C Hobby Explosion Drop-ship Program
Reduce overhead--We keep the inventory for your customers!

Quick Fact: Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Merchandise will be Sold over the Internet this Year. Quick Question: Are You in a Position to Profit from it?
Next Questions:
  • Do you have an Internet storefront?
  • Do you want to open one?
  • Do you have an EBAY storefront?
If so, RC Hobby Explosion's Drop-Ship Program may be just what you need to achieve financial success in the world's biggest marketplace! At RC Hobby Explosion, we know that entrepreneurs have more than enough responsibility. With the RC Hobby Explosion drop-ship program, we eliminate one of your biggest concerns-- inventory! Reduce your overhead and increase your profits by following a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up with an online storefront provider
  2. Open your RC Hobby Explosion Drop-Ship Account
  3. Feature our cool R/C products on your website
  4. Get listed with the major search engines
  5. Make lots of cash selling really fun stuff!!!

Here's a sample of how it works:

  • Let's say your customer orders a Traxxas Rustler Truck from your website
  • You log in to RC Hobby Explosion to place your customer's order
  • All of your business profile information will be on file, so you just have to add products to the shopping cart
  • Enter your customer's shipping information in the "Ship To" portion of the order page and click "Submit Order"
  • RC Hobby Explosion will ship the order with your business name, logo and address on the package
  • Your customer will think you have a large impressive operation with a massive warehouse!

 Don't limit your business' success to Internet sales!

There are tremendous opportunities to sell R/C products outside the Internet! Many entrepreneurs are making big money tapping into dozens of different markets. Check out these ideas:

Market as products for fund raising efforts

Give-aways or prizes for corporate promotions*

Open your own "brick and mortar" store

The sky's the limit!!!

*If you have a corporate customer (or any customer) that wants to buy in large volume, contact us at resellers@rchobbyexplosion.com or call us at 866-729-4940. High-volume discounts are available from RC Hobby Explosion!
To become an RC Hobby Explosion drop-ship customer, click on the link below to download the drop-ship account application. Approved accounts can be active in as little as 1-2 business days!